Eye Gems (Faux Mink Eye Lashes)

Eye Gems (Faux Mink Eye Lashes)


Our lashes are a perfect length for those that wear eyeglasses and still want to be bold and beautiful and add some eye glam to our finished look!  These lashes will work!  This lash is perfect for achieving sexy and playful eyes.


You can choose 4 styles; Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire.  Each gem represents more volume and intensity.  Ruby is for our beginners, and each style gets gradually bolder.  


Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free. Korean silk, high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic mink.

Select the Accessories Bundle for $4 more if you want your order to include a cosmetic bag, eyelash brush and a purse sized compact mirror so you're always ready for the quick touch up when needed. While supplies last.

Accessories Package

    • Average 8-10 uses per pair depending on care
    • Lightweight, with a thin, flexible, microfiber lash band
    • Black lash band blends into lash line for a natural look
    • Korean silk, high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic mink
    • Clear plastic lash tray and cover for easy lash storage
    • Customizable length

    We recommend using eyelash adhesive for strip lashes.

    Step 1. Lay lash on top of your natural lashes. If lash extends beyond your lash line, trim the outer edge with small scissors.

    Step 2. Apply a small amount of lash adhesive along lash band.

    Step 3. Place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible and gently press into place.

    To Remove: Resist the urge to rip the lashes off. Soak up a cotton swab with non oil based eye makeup remover, hold it to your lash line for a few moments, and allow the glue to release. Clean lash band by peeling off residual adhesive. Store lashes back on lash tray to maintain their shape and for future use. 

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