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Is There A Such Thing As To Much?

March 17, 2019

Why do you wear make-up? Do you wear make-up everyday?  Can you make a quick run to the laundromat without applying any make-up? What about a black tie event? Is there a such thing as too much when it comes to wearing make-up?  


Some people may wear make-up to cover-up or conceal what is underneath; and this can be associated with feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, or other insecurities.  Others may wear make-up because it makes them feel more attractive and socially accepted.  While others may wear make-up due to accidents, surgery, birth marks, or other medically related reasons.


Whatever your reason is,  it is time you begin to feel comfortable and confident about the skin you are in!  Don't mask your real beauty by over-applying make-up or use the wrong make-up for your skin tone and type.  Make-up should be worn to accentuate what you already possess, your beauty.  It should not cover your face to the point where you are transformed into something (someone) different than who you truly are.  


Maybe just ask yourself a few self reflection questions to know which side of the spectrum you are on.


Why do I wear make-up? Do I wear make-up everyday? Can I make a quick run to the laundromat without applying any make-up? What about a black tie event?  Do I have to go full face or will a nice gloss and mascara be enough?


There is no right or wrong, just something to ponder.  Whichever side of the spectrum you find yourself on, be sure your skin is always protected and in prime condition for your make-up application.   It's okay to embrace the blemishes, reclaim your power from your pore problems,  and act quickly to resolve that aggravating acne.  


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